Friday, June 22, 2007

Arrows Crossed, Poem

Been waaaaaaaaaaay busy lately, getting published in some magazines, ect. ect. Yay! I'm getting there, which is pretty cool for a high school teenage mom drop out. Took me a bit longer since I'll be the EVIL 30 this year.

As always, friends, be kind and be blessed.

I hope your lives are all going great, and thanks Michelle (of Crow's Feet blog link to your right) for adding me to your top 8! You are a doll!

Anyways, here is a quick poem I wrote for a D & D ranger my son was playing a while back.

Arrows Crossed

The last sign of life

Crossed my rocky path

And flittered out of sight

I drew my arrow

Swift and narrow

And struck into the sky

I crossed the earth

Searching for my worth

But found only my sword

The last of my heart

Gave a fleeting beat

And left to the night


Michelle said...

Hey, great news on getting published!

And thanks for the "thank you" - not necessary, but made me feel smiley and good. :-)

Crumbs! i almost forgot - Very nice poem.

XoMBeeCHiLD said...

You're getting published, yay! That's always fun. Congrats. :3