Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wow a whole week went by

And I didn't post once! Thats horrible of me, dear friends!

OK so my man's sister gave us her old couch, which is way better than our 1970 flowery couch. So we took everything out of the living room so I could vacuum before putting in the new-old couch...and then my vacuum cleaner broke. In plumes of smoke, I threw the damned thing outside. Then I swept the carpet, and that was a bitch.

Right now I'm washing up all the laundry from the attic and closets that don't fit anyone, then I'm going to bag them up and take them to the Mission for donation.

I went to my daughter's 5th grade production of The Emporers New Clothes and it was so cute! Had a lot of fun and finally got to meet my nephew's foster mom, she's a cool lady. Her and I had a few minutes to chat, and like me, she feels that the best help I could have given my sister is by helping her get sober and stay sober. Otherwise, like his foster mom said, if I took my nephew (I can, I'm registered for foster care) then my sister wouldn't have the resources to care for herself and get sober so we both think that this way will work out best to stabalize them as a family. So, my family is kind of irritated with me for not taking my nephew and "letting" him go into foster care, but I think I made the right choice. I'd rather sponsor my sister to getting back to where she can keep her kid than take the kid and not have them be a family.

Oh, and my sister is pregnant right now, due in November.

I'm just frustrated because over the last 4 months of my sister living here, she has not done more than 4 loads of dishes. She cleaned the bathroom once. Its very irksome when I have several adults in this house and yet I have to remind people when things need to be done. Then they still don't get done and I have to throw a fit about it. So I always wind up being the household bitch. I don't really care though, I freaking work for two magazines, so I am basically holding down one full time job and one part time job. Its exhausting. Even though I am in the house and not out working, it still feeds, clothes, and pays all of my bills.

Its been such a month of work that I haven't had much time to update this blog, or really do all that much at all. So, that adds a bit more to my frustration because it is hard to find time for the writing that I enjoy, like my poetry and my fiction. And since I use my poetry/fiction to release all my own demons and frustration and generally just vent how irritated I am, I become more irritated and bitchy.

Oh, and I'm menstrating. So, now I'm like, 3 x's the bitch I normally am. I almost feel sorry for my kids and my man and my sister and her fiance--actually I really only feel sorry for my kids, but then again, not really. Thier bedroom looks like Lucifer himself came down and threw a party. It's the gateway to Hell, I swear.

Speaking of, is going to be showcasing one of my short science fictions soon. Cool website run by some very fun and friendly dudes. Great art, some cool stories and poems. Check it out if you get a chance.


lma said...

You have all my sympathies, DG.

It has been my experience that people don't understand the concept that working from home is still working. "What do you mean, you don't have time to keep an immaculate house?" they ask. "You're home all the time."

Yeah, I'm home, and I'm in front of my computer from 7 a.m. until the work gets done...I don't know about you, but it takes me somewhere around 5 hours to get three hours of actual work done, what with interruptions that are unavoidable when you work at home. And then I try to get some work done on my writing projects at some point during the day or evening. And I have to do stuff for my mother, and either go to the grocery store and cook or take the time to go out and get a meal, and pay the bills and do all the other things that have to get done to keep a household running.

So, I keep the place up and it is clean, but it isn't anywhere near immaculate. And I get some of my own work done, but not nearly enough. And sometimes I go a couple of days without getting to do any non-writing-associated reading. And sometimes a week or more goes by that I don't get to blog...because, frankly, nobody wants to hear about how many words I wrote that day and my trip to the grocery store and my frustration because the bank keeps calling while I'm trying to work to sell me insurance that I've told them about a hundred times that I don't want.

Hang in there, kiddo, and know that while I don't have exactly the same problems you deal with, I'm dealing with stuff every day, too. You're not alone in this.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry you're sister is being the
blob-who-never-helps. I am lucky that hubby does help a lot. He vacuums. I hate the vacuum cleaner. It was a wedding gift and it weighs more than a hippo and all the wheels go in different directions.

working from home is hard. I used to work from home (till last year when I quit - long story) In my case we share a house with my parents. My mom's a chatty person and I had to pretty much yell at her to go away at times in order to get the work done. I'd work late at night when everyone was in bed to get some quiet time to think.

Oh, I think you did the absolutely right thing with your nephew.

Michelle said...

PS.. I was on injections to put me into menopause-like state since March (health woes). They wore off this month. Whoopee! :-\ I've gone from hot flashes to major PMS. My mood swings are so fast husband is developing a nervous tic!

Dustinzgirl said...

Wow Michelle, that must have been Hell (for you and the hubby!) My man tries to help clean, but he gets confused easily. He does manage to clean our bedroom, but thats just cuz he wants me to sleep in there, LOL!

And totally lma! Its like, I know I'm home but the larger part of my day is spent working...and even when I'm doing other things, like blogging or in a forum, I'm still kind of working just refreshing my brain or waiting for a download....

"but it takes me somewhere around 5 hours to get three hours of actual work done," SO VERY TRUE! Everytime I get interupted, it takes another fifteen minutes of reading over what I've already written to get back on the right train of thought! Of course, in that 15 min. someone always has anther question, need or the phone rings! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

: P

Jim Melvin said...

For the first time in my life, I'm playing the role of house-husband. My wife is working while I finish my fantasy series. We have three daughters, ages 7, 10, and 13. So, yes, working from home is indeed "still working," as Ima put it. I'm working harder now than I did when I worked 50-hour weeks as a journalist for 25 years!

Dustinzgirl said...

LOL Jim, welcome to the world of husbandhood!

Good luck!

cowboytf said...

Your posts are very entertaining. I had the 1970 flowery couch myself at one time.Ugghh:(

Just got through with my "natures call". First one is 4mths though so I can't complain.

Just thought I'd say hey.
A Cowboy's Wife

Michelle said...

I've tagged you for 8 random facts.

Now you have to come back and write something before another whole week goes by. *evil grin*