Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dear boyfriends ex wife

If you are going to read my blog and make snide remarks in emails about me, of which you have absolutely NO CLUE, why don't you just man up and talk to my face? Is it fear that I am right, and you are simply a spiteful, grumpy person.

Would that all women could spread open for a million dollor boyfriend's inheritance and drive brand new cars and live in brand new houses.

Sorry, I know I don't have as much as you do, but I EARNED everything I do have on my own terms, and I OWE NO DEBTS except to my children and GOD.

That being said, I will repeat what I stated in my email:

I hope that the spite and hatred and snottiness in your heart and spirit is lessened by the hand of God.

You are so blessed, and yet so full of hatred.

Be Blessed woman, and be glad for your blessings!


Michelle said...

I have a friend who has similar ex headaches. Some women never know when to let go and move on. Funny thing is they don't even realise they'r embarrassing themselves the most with that kind of behaviour.

My gran was Irish-Greek-English. I got the Greek hairy legs, the English wispy limp head hair.. and the Irish insanity.

Doesn't that conjure up truly scary images? :-D

Dustinzgirl said...

LOL I'm Irish too! Irish/Russian...I got the angry, stubborn alcoholic genes....

(She'll use that against me down the road, somewheres!)

What really peeves me is that she spends so much time judging me without recognizing her own mistakes and constant terrorism of my man.

Its exhausting.

I know I am not perfect, hell sometimes I'm not even a good person, but I don't waste my time judging others.

Hairy legs are adorable!

Michelle said...

Hairy legs are only adorable on lambs and teddy bears, but thanks for the strangest compliment I've had in a long time. :-))

Irish and Russian? Wow, Vodka AND whisky! Isn't that what NASA uses in their rockets? :-D

Sorry about your ex-from-h*ll situation. Hope she gets a life and moves on - for both you and your man's sakes.

Lady D said...

we have our own flaw but also talents...keep writing!
thanks for linked to mine
i will linked too

Anonymous said...

FYI!! I am not your boyfriends ex wife. I just think that people have a right to know that you are fake. You really shouldn't worry too much of what I think. I think you should worry about what GOD thinks!!

Dustinzgirl said...

I do not have to worry about what God thinks, He knows my heart. And so what if I am not perfect, if I am not always good, if I make mistakes....God knows me, you don't.

And yes, you are my boyfriends ex-wife. You guys were married. You got divorced. He and I have been together unmarried for many years. That makes you my boyfriends ex wife.

And there is much I can say about you, also...but I don't.

I have never conspired to hide anything from anyone. This is me, and there is nothing wrong with me. I work 60 to 80 hours a week. Unlike you, I don't live with some rich guy. I make my own way in this world, and nobody but GOD has ever supported me.

Oh, and just for your information, the Church is a vessel of GOD.

Get over yourself. You are no better than me. You are just white trailer trash living with some rich guy too. And unlike you, I have never been on welfare, HUD, and I have never had things given to me.

SO what if I have an adult radio show? Challenge me in court, because what you are doing now by refusing to allow him to see his kids is wrong.

You judge me without knowing me. Don't you find that, well anti-Christian? Wasn't it Jesus who said, Judge not lest you be judged?

I wonder, when you go to Heaven, what your judgement will be? You carry spite in your heart. I might not be the epitomy of Christain living, but I'm not hateful and spiteful, and I honor both God and Jesus.

Mister-M said...

Some psycho ex-wives are worse than others... you are not alone.

My story:

They just can't move on and if they have a suspected personality disorder, expect the problems to be magnified exponentially!

Nice blog!

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FlashShed said...

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Anonymous said...

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